Curricular & Co-Currirculars

Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities Morning Assembly
The School Assembly, Gathering every day before the classes begin, is a picture of solemnity and discipline. The school choir sings devotional songs, following by the common prayer after the prayer, recitations, Quizzes, Skits, News Reading, Celebration / Observations of various festivals, events, news presentation and singing of National Anthem / Song etc form others features of the Morning Assembly every day.

The whole School meditates in the Morning Assembly in continuation of the School Prayer.

House System:
The House System is a very important aspect of our school. The students of the school are grouped into four different houses namely : KESHAV, MADHAV, AZAD, BHAGAT. Every student is allotted a house and he takes part in various activities under a particular house, which fosters and encourages keen and healthy competition in all aspects of their school life in the classroom and on the play fields. The heads of each house are House-Captains, Members of the staff act as House Masters. They look after the general performance of their students in games and sports, literary and co-curricularr activities etc., Best all round students from senior classes are nominated as the Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects.