Admission Procedure

Admission procedure is based on the guidelines of CBSE. Admission are open on availability of vacancies. Registration for Admission into Class VI, usually opens in the month of February/March. Registration form will be supplied from the School Accounts Office along with School Prospectus on payment. Parent / Guardian must fill in the registration form and necessary papers with utmost care and submit the same in the school office, and obtain acknowledgment with application / registration number. Mere registration does not guarantee admission. Admission list will be displayed only in the school notice board and no letters will be sent to parents.

ADMISSION will be confirmed only on submission of:

  • Admission Form : (to be supplied by the school office)
  • Submission of Transfer Certificate / Record sheet from recognized school.
  • Payment of prescribed fee by stipulated date. Any other if prescribed specifically.

Transfer Certificate: Any parent intends to take Transfer certificate in the middle of academic year should submit a written application in advance of months fee in lieu there of; Any parent intends to withdraw his/her ward at the end of the academic year, should submit a written application in the month of March/April only for collecting the TC immediately after the annual results are declared. In all cases, NO DUES Certificate should be submitted along with the application for issue of Transfer Certificate. The school on valid reasons issues bonafide / study certificate to any student on submission of written application from parents.

Change in Date of Birth (DOB): Once recorded in the school scholar register, change mt he date of birth will not normally be accepted, except where over whelming documentary evidence exists and where a genuine mistake has been committed.